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Sub portals

The sub portal feature on Synap creates portals within your main portal, helpful if you're selling B2B access to your clients for their users.
Sub portals are great for providing a space for internal teams or external customers to access content and control access. You can essentially create copies of your portal to hand off to other users to interact with. The typical use case for sub portals is B2B2B2C, which is where you may not interact with the end users directly but instead giving / selling access to others who are then administrating and managing content from a main portal.
B2B2B2C / Sub portal diagram

When to use Sub portals

Use Sub portals to share content from a root / primary portal with separate Sub portals with completely separate users (students, educators).
An example of this use case would be a company selling health and safety online exams / certifications. This company has 2 clients they are selling the certifications; a power plant and a bar.
The senior team of the power plant and the managers of the bar are going to be the ones buying and administrating this exam, it's them who need to invite their teams, access the certificates, and monitor everyone. You of course don't want to give them admin access because then they'd be able to see all your customers, clients and users. So you create 2 sub portals, one for the bar and one for the power plant.
Now you can invite the managers and staff to each respective sub portal, set the exams to the student groups and the managers can take it from there. The great thing about sub portals is that users from on the bar sub portal wouldn't be able to see any user data on the power plant sub portal.
The key distinction between sub portals and normal groups is that if you had a user who worked both in the power plant and the bar, then they'd be able to have 2 separate accounts for each portal but under the same email.
Pro Feature: Sub portals are available on all Pro and Enterprise plans. If you're already on one of these plans get in touch with your account manager to enable for no extra costs. Sub portals are not available on Standard plans, if you'd like to learn more get in touch with support.
For a quick walkthrough of how to set up a sub portal watch the video below, or for more detailed steps follow the getting started guide.

Sub portal features

We're working on adding more features to sub portals including :
  • Different branding
  • More account roles (creating content, administering content)
  • Different branding on sub portals
Get in touch with support to learn more!