๐Ÿ’ฟRecords of learning

Make Synap you're source of truth for a user's learning & assessments by storing off platform records on Synap

Records of learning enable you to create and store detailed records for qualifications, certifications, and other learning activities undertaken by your users, both on and off the Synap platform. This feature enhances Synap's capability to serve as a centralised repository for all your educational data, for example:

  • Storing person interview assessments scores

  • Additional qualifications

  • Importing previous attempts from another LMS / platform

  • Storing certifications and certificate files

  • Recreating qualifications which have expiry dates

To find a user's Record of learning, select a user through a group and navigate to their Overview then under the management section go to their individual Record of learning page.

You can choose whether or not to enable Records of learning for your student users, or keep them hidden

Learn more about Records of learning and how to set them up in the doc below!

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