Creating sub portals

The steps to creating a sub portal - you must be on Pro or Enterprise to access this feature.

๐ŸŽจ Creating a sub portal

Once you've accessed the sub-portal management section via the portal settings menu, you can create a new sub-portal by following these steps:

  1. Click on the "Create Sub-Portal".

  2. Provide a unique name for the sub-portal. This name should be descriptive and help identify the purpose or content of the sub-portal.

  3. Click 'Save' once you are happy with the name.

Adding user groups to a sub portal

  1. Go to the user groups page

  2. Begin creating a new user group, You should now notice a new field 'Sub portal'

  3. When you get to the sub portal field ensure that you assign this value to that of the sub portal you want the user group to have access to.

๐Ÿ™‹ Adding users to sub portal user groups

  1. Navigate to the user groups page and search for the sub portal user group that you would like to add new users into. You can filter by sub portal to make this easier.

  2. Select import users, we offer a few different ways to add users to groups and go into more detail here.

  3. Once you have decided on your method of invitation, invite the users to your sub group.

โž• Adding content to a sub portal

  1. Navigate to the content you would like to add to your sub portal. In this example, it's a collection.

  2. Select the collection and then select 'user groups'.

  3. Search for the sub portal user group you would like to have access to the content.

  4. Once you have found it, select the give access button in the right-hand corner.

For times when the content needs to be assigned, such as in an Exam or Assignment. Ensure that the chosen group is the sub portal group you want the content to be assigned to.

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