Customise your source content for the exam you're building only

Customising elements of your source quiz(zes) will allow you to make a unique version that will only be used in the exam being created. These changes will not affect the original quizzes.

It's important to note that this functionality is only available during exam set up. Once you have scheduled the exam, no edits to the content are possible.


On this page you can edit the questions from your source content. This includes being able to add and delete questions. The functionality of this is the same as the quiz builder, if you need a reminder on how this works, refer to the below article

If you are planning to add new EMQs and / or sections we recommend adding these first so you can then link new / existing questions to them on the respective tabs in those questions


Make edits to EMQs from your source content, again this includes adding and removing.



This page will only display if you are creating a static exam. If you are building a dynamic exam with sections then you will create these in the exam on the 'Tags' page whilst setting the filters for pulling in questions.


Once you have completed any customisations to the questions, EMQs and sections, remember to save each page.

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