Proctoring with Rosalyn

Synap ispartnered with Rosalyn to deliver affordable, secure and fair proctored exams. Get in touch with Synap support to discuss enabling Rosalyn on your platform

๐Ÿ‘โ€๐Ÿ—จ About Rosalyn

Synap has partnered with Rosalyn, an innovative online proctoring solution which provides a highly secure, seamless experience for candidates sitting high-stakes exams.

Rosalyn combines powerful AI analysis with a 'human-in-the-loop' approach to ensure that suspicious activity can be quickly identified, with a trained human proctor being involved in the final decision-making process.

We have chosen Rosalyn as our primary proctoring partner because of this approach - which combines the best of both worlds in terms of AI + Human review - as well as their industry-leading candidate experience and data protection policies.

โš™๏ธ Getting Rosalyn enabled

You may have noticed by default Rosalyn is not enabled on your portal, this is because we need to set up some credentials and give you access to an additional Rosalyn domain. The set up can take 2-4 working days once we've sent you some more information about pricing based on your plan, and set up steps. Just get in touch with support via the chat and one of our proctoring experts will get back to you to start the process.

Rosalyn cannot be enabled on portals that are in the free trial

โœŒ๏ธ 2 Rosalyn modes

Rosalyn offers two proctoring modes, these are:

1. ๐Ÿ” Lockdown Only Mode

Under this mode, candidates will have to install the Rosalyn application, and then they take the exam within that application instead of a normal browser. The Rosalyn application uses the same rendering engine as Google Chrome, but it has additional 'lockdown' features such as enforcing full-screen and making sure that the candidate does not have any other applications open during the exam process.

In Lockdown-Only mode, no footage will be recorded, and nothing will be reviewed - it is just for ensuring that the candidate takes an exam in a locked-down application that restricts access to other materials.

This mode would be suitable for low to medium-stakes exams, or for high-stakes exams conducted in an assessment centre where you have your own invigilators available.

Check out our guide below for steps to create a Rosalyn Lock-down exam โฌ‡๏ธ

pageRosalyn Lock-down exam

2. ๐Ÿ” + ๐ŸŽฅ Live Proctored Mode

This mode uses all of the lockdown functionality described above, but it will also record the candidate's Webcam (Video + Audio) as well as their screen.

The footage is monitored in real-time by AI algorithms which are able to detect signs of suspicious behaviour. However, what makes Rosalyn unique is that the AI itself does not make any decisions - instead it is used as a screening mechanism, and if suspicious behaviour is flagged, it immediately alerts one of Rosalyn's trained human proctors (who are available 24/7), who will then access the exam session and intervene if necessary.

Interventions can take the form of the proctor pausing a candidate's exam and messaging them to ask them to correct their behaviour, or in extreme circumstances, terminating an exam session.

At the end of an exam session, the footage is processed and your team are invited to make a final decision on the available exam sessions.

Rosalyn help docs

Check out our guide below for steps to create a Rosalyn Live Proctored exam โฌ‡๏ธ

pageRosalyn Live Proctoring exam

System Requirements

Rosalyn is installed as a desktop application for MacOS or Windows - it is NOT a browser extension. Candidates will be guided to download this application before they start their exam and instructions will be provided to them as a part of this process.

The system requirements for Rosalyn are:

Supported OS:

  • Windows OS

    • Windows 10

    • Windows 11

  • macOS

    • Monterey

    • Ventura

    • Big Sur

Operating System - Any of the following

  • Windows 10

  • Windows 11

  • MacOS High Sierra

  • MacOS Catalina

  • MacOS Monterey

  • MacOS Ventura

  • MacOS Big Sur

Browsers - Any of the following

  • Google Chrome - Latest Version (Preferred)

  • Mozilla Firefox - Latest Version

  • Microsoft Edge - Latest Version

  • Apple Safari - Latest Version

Hardware and other requirements - All of the following

  • Working camera

  • Photo ID

  • Working microphone

  • Dual-core CPU

  • At least 2 GB available of RAM memory.

  • At least 500 MB of available disk space.

Network Requirements

  • Broadband internet with a minimum upload/download speed of 500Kb/s

Rosalyn pricing

Pricing will vary depending on what type of plan you are on. PAYG plans will be charged additional credits where out of plan credits will be charged at ยฃ1.50. Monthly plans have Lock-down Only modes included in their MAU charge and a separate charge for Live Proctored exams. For exams with more than 400 candidates sitting at once we recommend you get in touch with support who will notify Rosalyn on your behalf

Rosalyn on Monthly plans

ItemStandard - MonthlyPro - Monthly

Rosalyn Lock-down only seat (no replay)



Rosalyn Live Proctored seat



Set up fee (For portals out of the free trial)



Additional out of plan MAUs



Rosalyn on Pay as you go (PAYG) credits

Item# Credits

Rosalyn Lock-down only seat (no replay)


Rosalyn Live Proctored seat

10 credits + ยฃ6

Set up fee (For portals out of the free trial)


Rosalyn onboarding call


More on credit bundles on PAYG


Please refer to the videos below for a demonstration of the Synap-Rosalyn integration

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