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User Access

Customise which Pages (icons in the left hand menu) different user types can see
Customise the portal menu & page access for Admins, Educators and Students. Turn off the features you're not using, and re-order each user type's main menu via the page manager. Head over to Settings> Pages> User Type
Synap Menu

🔑 User access & Page Management

Go to Settings>User access to manage the pages that different users see. Select the user type to manage, from here you can:
  • Reorder
  • Add custom page names
  • Disable/enable access
  • Add custom page descriptions
  • Add a custom note page (limited to 3 per portal)
  • Select custom menu icons
  • Revert Changes back to a default
Managing which pages users have access to
👁 Enable / Disable - Pages with a green tick next to them are visible to Students, those without are not. To change this, click on a page (Collections for example) and check / uncheck the Enable Checkbox.
✍️ Custom page names, descriptions and icons - Once you have clicked on a page you will see text boxes for the 'Page label' and 'Description'. The page label is what Students see in the top left-hand corner of the page when it is opened. It also appears as a hotspot if they hover over the icon. The description will appear behind a question mark tooltip smaller font next to the page label after that page is opened. The description can be left blank but the page label cannot.
Study page renamed to a 'Practice' and given a custom menu icon
Walkthrough pinning note pages
These changes will only affect the user type you have selected. To make changes for a different user type, just click select a different user type from the User Access section of the settings page.

📑 Create custom note pages

It's helpful to provide your users with some information whether that's about the content, where to access help, FAQs, or even information on other products or services for your business. Synap lets you create and pin a note as a main menu page. This is a great way to provide content to everyone via the menu.
In Settings>User access select the user type you want to view the note page. Then use the 'Add note page' button to browse through existing notes and select one to pin.
Adding a note page
From here you can change the page label (name) add in a description and select a different icon.
Steps for pinning a note page
🚨 Note: You cannot delete a note that's pinned to the menu, it must be removed as a page if it needs to be deleted. Edits to a pinned notes content will update for those users on save
🧠 Remember to click the save and refresh to view your changes button after making changes!

🧰 Pages

🏠 Study

Within the Study page, there are 3 features which you can enable / disable. You can also change the order in which they appear on the page. If none of these are enabled the Study page will be blank:
  • Study Overview - This enables the Self Practice and Spaced Learning quizzes along with the Study / Available Items tabs to manage the Study.
Student study dashboard
  • Assignments - Any Assignments the Student is enrolled on will appear as cards, the Student can start them directly from here.
  • Flags - This will show any Flags a Student has left on questions and link to the quiz it is from (if it is in a Collection or Assignment as opposed to an Exam). It will also show whether or not is has been resolved by an Admins
Student Flags dashboard
Downloadable Guide

Other Student Pages

Collections - View Collections they have access to.
Student Insights - View stats on their overall progress in different subjects and the results of individual attempts.
Assignments - View and take Assignments given to them.
Exams - View Open, Upcoming and Past Exams. They can start Open Exams and view the results of Past ones (if they have been released). Remember to turn this off if you only want users to be able to start an exam via an emailed link (for example if it is being Proctored)
Shop - (🚨 Custom talk to your account manager) View additional products available to purchase here.

Admin and Educator Pages (Customisable)

Dashboard - Track the number of users and sessions on your portal. You can also view Flags left by Students, this can be enabled or disabled.
User Groups - View and manage users and groups. Educators can view their users Exams from here.
Collections - Admins can create and manage Collections including granting / revoking access. Educators can view the Collections groups they are moderating have access to.
Courses - Create and manage Courses. Educators cannot create Courses so this should be disabled for them by default.
Assignments - Create and manage Assignments. Educators cannot create Assignments, only view Users' progress on them
Library - A copy of all Items (quizzes, surveys, notes etc) on Synap. You can edit Items from here. Educators will only see Items from Collections / Courses groups they are managing have access to. They can engage with those items from here (take quizzes, read notes, watch videos etc) but not edit them
Exams - Admins can create and manage Exams. Educators cannot create or manage Exams so this should be disabled for them by default.

Fixed Pages - Admins Only

These pages cannot be turned off or renamed.
Settings - Change your portals settings
Help - Opens the Support site containing all Help Articles in a new tab
Latest Changes - Contains information about new features on the platform. Keep an eye out for a red number as an indication something new has been released!