Assigning a course

Assignments and how to assign a course

๐ŸŽญ Differences between Courses and Assignments

After a course has been created it's time to give users access to a version of that course, this is where Assignments come in. There are some important distinctions between Courses and Assignments:

  • Courses group together items from your library

  • Assignments are a version of that course set to a user group

  • Once an assignment is created, changes to the source course will not be reflected in the assignment unless you pull a new version in - Assignment versioning

  • There can be multiple assignments of the same course.

๐Ÿง  Assignments are a snapshot of the course at the moment it was assigned. Once a course has been assigned you cannot users who have that assignment will not see changes made to that course unless you pull a new version in - Assignment versioning

โœ๏ธ Create an Assignment

Navigate to the Assignments page via the main menu, and look for the Set assignment button in the top corner.

On the assignment detail page, select the course you'd like to assign and the group you want to create assignments for. From here you can change the name of your assignment to customise it to the group.

โš™๏ธ Configuration

Next select the assignment configuration, if you want to customise this configuration look for the edit pencil icon.

Deadline type

  • Indefinite = Users can finish this assignment whenever they want, there is no deadline

  • Exact date = Select a date users must have finished this assignment by

  • Relative to start = Select a time period that users have to complete the assignment from when they start

Completion criteria

  • Immediately on finishing all items = Students won't need to have their assignment approved by an admin or educator to complete. If "assessment" is set to enabled, this criteria determines when the assessment test is unlocked. Otherwise, the assignment is finished when the criteria above is satisfied.

  • Manual review = if enabled an educator or admin must pass or fail each assignment.

Progression type

  • Linear and fixed = Students cannot go back and redo items eg quizzes or surveys (they can still go back and view content)

  • Linear but flexible = Students can repeat items like quizzes and surveys, content is still locked so they must complete and item to move onto the next.


  • Enabled = Students will get a system generated certificate upon assignment completion

Certificate generation guide

This is very similar to how your certificate will look. Anything circled in pink is interchangeable and the data will be pulled in from your Portal. For example, the image at the top of the certificate will be replaced with whatever image is assigned to your course. The area where it says 'John Smith' will display the name of the person who has completed the assignment. 'GDPR' will be replaced with the course title you assigned and the correct date will automatically be selected. Finally, instead of the Synap logo, your company logo will appear which should already be uploaded in the branding section of your portal.

Once you're happy with the configuration you can Activate the assignment. You'll be taken to the assignment groups page. Here you'll be able to check on the students in that group, where they're up to on the assignment and who's not started.

๐ŸŽ Giving new users an active assignment

Once a course has been assigned something called an 'assignment group' is created. You can find these assignment groups on the main assignments page. Clicking into an assignment group gives you an overview table of each users progress.

To add another user to this assignment group, go to the associated user group, and add in the user from there. New members to that group will automatically get a copy of the assignment at the moment it was assigned

More on viewing assignments in the article below

pageViewing assignments & publishing new versions

Revoke an Assignment

If you need to prevent a user from completing and accessing an existing assignment, use the Revoke assignment option when viewing their progress on an assignment. If you change your mind later you can reinstate the same assignment for them to start / resume

Users viewing a revoked assignment won't be able to access any items or see any completed items.

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