User Registered for Exam Webhook

This event is triggered when a user is registered for an Exam.

  • For users who are not present in the user group at the time of the exam scheduleing, this will trigger when they are added to the user group and their attempt is generated.

To subscribe to this webhook, please set up a URL endpoint capable of receiving POST requests, then let your account manager know the details so we can add it to our system.

Request Details

The request will POST a JSON payload that conforms to the following Typescript interface:

interface UserRegisteredForExamWebhookBody {
 user: {
    id: string;
    name: string;
    email: string;
    customAttributes: Record<string, unknown>;
  portal: { id: string };
  meta: { timestamp: string };
  exam: {
  objectId: string;
  url: string;
  name: string;
    schedule: {
      openDate: string;
      closeDate: string;
  userGroup: {
    objectId: string;,
    name: string;

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