Attempts table & exports

How to export attempts data from Synap using the global or specific attempts table

The attempts table allows you to search for, sort and filter attempts ready to view or export to CSV. Use Settings> User Access > Admins to enable the global attempts table for admins to be accessed by the main menu.

Find the attempts table for specific content on: Exams, Collections, User Groups, and Assignments

Origin and additional filters

Use the initial filter to set the origin for the attempts that you're searching for, the origin can be anywhere a user has taken the attempt : Exams, Collections, Assignments and Quizzes. Then you can select the specific content to search for.



Returns all attempts for a specific exam set to a specific user group


Returns all attempts across all possible user groups that have access to a collection, additional user group filters can be added to specify one or multiple specific user groups


Returns all attempts for a specific assignment, set to a specific user group


Returns all attempts for a quiz which has been taken across one or multiple collections (excludes exam attempts which uses the same source quiz)

Once the origin is set, additional filters will become available to add into your searching criteria. Note you can select multiple filters to create an OR query, the example below is searching for attempts from users in Springfield Elementary or Admins user group on the Quiz for Analytics.

Additionally use the User filter to specify one or more particular user's attempts

Once you've built your query, click the search button to see the attempts.

Finding the attempts table

The attempts table can be found on on the following places on Synap:

User Groups

Navigate to any user group and use the submenu to select 'Attempts' to access the user group specific attempts table and filters. By going to the attempts table this way, all attempt information is limited to just this user group and specifically the attempts those users have access to because they are in that group. This means that if users are in multiple groups and have access to different questions their responses won't be included in exports from here


Navigate to an exam, and use the sub menu to select Attempts. From this attempts table the User group, Origin and Exam are locked. You can select the specific dates, statues, grades, times and sorting options


Navigate to an assignment, and use the sub menu to select Attempts. From this attempts table the User group and Origin are locked. You can select the specific quiz dates, and sorting


Navigate to a collection, and use the sub menu to select Attempts. From this attempts table the Origin is locked, but you can pick one or multiple user groups as well as select the specific quiz or quizzes, dates, and sorting

The attempts table works the same way no matter where you access it from, the only thing that changes is what group or content is selected.

The Attempts will be limited to ones Users have accessed via the Group you are looking at. For example, Exams set to that group. If a User is set an Exam as part of a different Group, Attempts on that Exam will not display in the group you are looking at

Dates / Times

Use the time filter to set a date or a date range when an attempt was either started, completed or created. Use the date picker to select a single date and time or a range, select again and delete to clear.

  • Completed at - When the user completed the attempt

  • Started at - When the user started the attempt

  • Created at - When the attempt was created. For Collections and Assignments this will be the same as the 'Started at' date but for Exams it will be when the Exam was Scheduled (if the User was in the Group at the time) or when they were added to the Group (if after the Exam was Scheduled)


There are a range of different status's an attempt can be in, you'll find them all on exam attempts

  • Attempt status's:

    • Completed - Includes attempts that may not have been marked yet

    • Not Started

    • In Progress

  • Exam status's:

    • Preflight - user has started the exam and is in the set up for proctoring

    • Started - user has fully started the exam and has seen the first question

    • Submitted - user has submitted their exam, or their attempt timed out

    • Revoked - the users attempt has been revoked by an admin, manager or educator

    • Expired - the user did not start the exam attempt before the close window was reached

  • Results status's:

    • Pending - the user's attempt has yet to receive all the marks or be finalised

    • Results finalised - the results have been finalised by an admin, manager, or educator but not released to the user

    • Released - the user's attempt results have been released and the user can view them

  • Marking status's:

    • Not marked - no markers have inputted marks on this attempt

    • In progress - one or more markers has inputted marks on this attempt

    • Completed - all the set markers are finished marking this attempt

    • Marks finalised - the marks are finalised and cannot be changed after this state

Remember, assignment, collection and quiz attempts cannot be marked or released so exam, results and marking status's status's are not available on those origins.


Use the avaiable sorting options on additional filters, click search after updating.

  • Score - Each User's overall score on the Attempt

  • Time Started - When each user started their Attempt

Viewing specific attempts overview

Click the red attempt id to open a modal with an summarised over view of each attempt

The modal will provide an overview of that users attempt with links to view their results page.

Exporting attempt data

From any attempts table you can export your query results using the export to CSV button. You can easily export this to a CSV which will be emailed.

Exports breakdown options:

  • None = no question breakdown given, over all score and grades shown

  • Score = the points scored on each question, on standard single best answer questions:

    • 1 = correct

    • 0 = incorrect

    • - = skipped

  • Question = answer options that was selected on each attempt for each question, skipped questions shown as '-'

Inclusion options:

  • User attributes = show your portals user attributes as additional columns against each user's attempt

  • Section information = shows each section in the exam as a summary with times

See this sheet for an example of all the breakdown options and user attributes + section information included

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