Creating or modifying Grades on an exam, and which features require Grades to be set to unlock.

Grades are brilliant way to set passing and failing boundaries on an exams and quizzes. When you create a static exam all the grades from that source quiz will be copied over. On a dynamic exam you'll need to set up the grades from scratch, though you can clone an existing exam to copy them over.

๐Ÿง  Note: Grades need to be in place to use certificates and resits. Only passing grades can get certificates and only failing grades can get resits.

Adding grades to an exam or quiz lets you define a pass and fail marks. Depending on the boundaries and performance users are shown a message on whether they pass or fail. You can also keep track of all you exam candidate grades as attempts are finalised in the Exam > Users table

When a user achieves a grade it will either be a passing or a failing grade, depending on which they get they will then be shown different messages before their results page.

Grades can also be configured to show on the student results page, using the results page configuration options on quizzes or exams.

โœ๏ธ Creating grades

The grade builder on exams or quizzes lets you define multiple grade boundaries, you can give your grades any label the most common being: Pass/Fail, A-F, Distinction/Merit.

In order to save grades at least one pass and one fail grade is required. The minimum score is the lowest score required to achieve that grade.

See table below for examples of grades and minimum scores.

Once you've created your grades in the builder don't forget to save and before you move onto the next step

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