Synap Academy

User information

Finding key information about users on your portal
Locate a user by searching for them by name and email in a group (they will always be in the All users group if you're not sure), click that user to go into their users overview pages
Finding information about users walkthrough
From the user overview you can see their activity log as well as an engagement graph which looks at their sessions on platform.

👀 Access


Go to Assignments menu to view their progress and completed items on individual assignments
A users progress on their assignments


Go to Collections to see which collections a user has access too, and go into those collections.
A users collections

User groups

The Users groups page on the submenu gives you a list with all the groups that particular use is a member of. You can revoke their access or add them to new groups from this page. You cannot remove admins from the Admins group.
A users, User groups page

🧮 Administration

From the users administration page, admins and educators can view and edit attributes (attributes they've been given permissions to write). You can also find the users Synap User ID.
Password resets can also be done from the administration page.
Users administration page with attributes

📧 Email history

View all the emails a user has been sent from the system including automated and manual messages.