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Quiz Experience

A detailed ook into the quiz configuration settings
Once you've created your quiz it's time to set the configuration to enforce how this quiz can be used. Go to Quiz>Experience to to edit the quiz experience.
🚨 Quizzes in exams will have some configurations overridden by the exam level configuration

🎮 Modes

Select the modes users will be able to take the quiz in, in order to have a Timed exam, the timer must be enabled.
  • Practice: Untimed, questions are marked after each response, students shown answers immediately and feedback is given instantly.
  • Exam: Untimed, questions are marked at the end of an attempt, feedback given depending on results page configuration
  • Timed exam: Untimed, questions are marked at the end of an attempt. If there are no sections then timer can be set on this page. If sections are being used, times will be calculated from the section page. Timer must be enabled before this mode can be selected
Infer timer: Time for quiz will be calculated based on the individual timers on each question
Enforce full time: Will not allow students to finish the quiz (or section) before the time runs out (generally we don't recommend you use this)

Security (Stop copy and paste)

These settings allow you to restrict students' ability to copy and / or paste in a test. Whilst this will stop the majority of students being able to copy and paste it is important to understand the limitations of the feature.

What is blocked:

  • Copying of question content (including text and images) via keyboard shortcuts and right clicking
  • Copying from the results page
  • Pasting into the answer box
  • Dragging content into the answer box

What is not blocked:

  • Screenshots
  • Copying of videos, this is down to the sharing settings on the video's host site (YouTube, Vimeo etc)
  • Technical attempts of copying and pasting, for example via the DOM editor/browser
If you are concerned about further protecting your IP and / or outlining the consequences of cheating, we strongly recommend including some copy in your Terms and Conditions explaining this to your end users.
Shuffle questions: If enabled the order of questions will be randomised
Calculator: Enable or disable either a standard or scientific calculator
Flagging: Enable or disable the ability for students to flag a question for content moderation by admins