Create a Synoptic exam

Learn how to create and manage a Synoptic exam

๐Ÿšฆ Checklist before you start

Before you create an exam you'll need the following set up :

Once you've got the above ready follow the steps to create an exam until you get to the Security options page

๐Ÿ—๏ธpage1. Setup: Exam

โš™๏ธ Configure Synoptic

From the proctoring page you'll be able to enable proctoring, select 'Powered by Synap' to enable Synoptic. Then select the conditions and penalties for your exam. Once your exam has been scheduled you cannot change the proctoring configuration so make sure everything is right before you schedule the exam!

Once enabled select the exact configurations you want for the exam (remember once the exam is scheduled you cannot change the configurations for the proctoring but you can remove the proctoring on each attempt.)

โ–ถ๏ธ Screen recreation recording and replay

Synoptic uses screen recreation recording technology to 'record' the candidates Chrome window through out the exam. This isn't a traditional recording and won't capture activity occurring at the desktop level. It provides you with a video to watch the exam session and tracked curser activity. Screen recreation recording and replay must be enabled to use interval captures

When replay is enabled you can go back and watch the screen recreation footage of the users browser. There is an additional charge to replay and Synoptic sessions depending on your Synap plan. More about Synoptic pricing here

๐Ÿ“ธ Webcam & Screen interval capture

Monitor candidates through interval captures of their entire desktop and through their webcam. Captures are taken at 5-8 second intervals through out the exam and viable through the proctor review after an exam has ended.

Exam rules

Configure the rules for your exam, what you configure here candidates will have to follow to start the exam and they must follow them through out to avoid breaches. For any captures to be enabled granting of sharing permissions must also be enabled.

Penalty (Optional):

Decide if you want enable exam freeze on breach as a penalty for users breaching one of the conditions. When enabled and a breach is detected during an exam, users won't be able to input anything but the timer will stick down.

Conditions (configurable)

Any configuration selected will need to be followed before the exam in order to start the exam. And during the exam to prevent breaches and penalties.


Exam window must be in full screen and focused

When enabled to start and continue with the exam users must have the Synap Chrome window in fullscreen through. Failure to do so will be recorded as a breach

No external displays

When enabled to start and continue with the exam users must not have additional monitors or devices connected. Failure to do so will be recorded as a breach

No additional tabs

When enabled to start and continue with the exam users must not have additional tabs open. Failure to do so will be recorded as a breach and with replay admins can see what was on any additional tabs.

Webcam and desktop sharing permissions (with interval captures enabled)

When enabled if candidates revoke webcam or screen sharing access at any point in the exam, then this will be flagged as a breach

Once you've completed your Synoptic configuration and are happy with your exam you can schedule it. Keep track of your exams from the Users table.

When a candidate completes an attempt with Synoptic is completed, you will need to review the session and approve or reject it in order to release the results. If there are questions that require marking this will also need to be done before you can release results. More information about reviewing Synoptic sessions in the doc below

pageReviewing Synoptic Sessions

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