Trouble shooting for your students

This page will guide you on how to resolve common student questions

Why can't I see the content I'm expecting to see?

All access to content on Synap is done via user groups so if a user isn't in a group which has access to the content in question, they won't be able to see it. To check what group they're in you can search for the student in the default students group and then open user groups on their profile page. You can also see what exams, collections and assignments they have access to on the profile page.

If you or the user still can't see content, check that it hasn't been archived. This will remove it from view for both admins and students. You can search for archived content by using the filter to the left of the page. You can un-archive content using the drop down menu on the exam card

The final thing to check for exam content a user can't see is that its not set to be hidden on the communication page of the exam. If hidden is selected it will not show on their exams page. The best option here is to go to the users page of that exam, search for that user and send them their exam email which will contain a link to start the exam.

I'm getting a failed to fetch error when answering questions

The failed to fetch error is thrown when a users internet drops. Unfortunately there's not much you can do to help them with this other than to suggest they try a different connection or plug in using an ethernet cable rather than wifi.

Unable to start Synoptic exam

Candidates should be able to start a Synoptic exam provided they have downloaded the plug in and met the rules you have set for the exam. These could be one or more:

  • Only having one tab open

  • Having no external monitors plugged in

  • Having the exam window maximised

If they are still unable to start the exam they will likely just need to refresh the page.

If your Synoptic exam requires screen recreation and / or webcam screenshots then candidates should ensure their device settings do not block these requirements.

Unable to start Rosalyn exam

Candidates must download Rosalyn to start their exam. If they are unable to please ensure they do not have any firewalls on their device / network is preventing them from downloading it. They may need to speak to their IT department if taking it on a work or university network.

Once they have it downloaded they will complete checks before the exam to ensure their device has all the required capabilities (webcam etc).

If they run into issues with actually taking the exam such as being unable to submit an answer or getting a blank screen they should close down the Rosalyn programme and restart it. This can be done by moving their cursor to the rop left hand corner of the screen and selecting the red 'x' button. If this is not available they can close using 'ctrl' + 'alt' + 'delete' on Windows or 'option' + 'Cmd' + 'esc' on Mac.

I get a delay when submitting answers / sections / the attempt as a whole

Again this is due to a slow or dropped internet connection. Users should wait for the process to complete.

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