Collection mocks

Collection mocks allow you to set a test length and tag filters that your test takers can use to generate mock tests from their available collection items.

To create a collection mock, start by creating a collection and adding quizzes to it that contain tagged questions. Alternatively if you have an existing collection that contains tagged quizzes you can use that.

Once you have a collection setup, navigate to the 'Mocks' tab within the collection.

Next, select the 'Create Mock' button. Then you can define the title of your mock, the length and a passing score.

Then select the 'Add filter' button to start definine your tag rules. You'll need to specify how many questions you want to chose and that they are tagged with.

Once you are happy with your collection make sure to click 'Done'.

Tag validation is not enforced on collection mocks due to the flexible nature of tests in a collection. Please ensure you have enough tagged questions for the rules you are setting.

You can use multiple filters to define the questions you want to be pulled in to the mock.

Once you have finished inputting your filters click the 'Done' button in the bottom right to finalise your selection. Then click Save in the upper right corner to save the mock and make it available to your users.

And thats it! Now users with access to that collection can generate a mock based on your tag filters.

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