Synap Academy

Uploading content

Upload different content types to the library and use them in courses and collections
Content can be uploaded directly into a course or collection, or it can be imported through the library. Use the main menu you navigate to the library page. Use the Create or upload button to select a content type.
Uploadable content:
  • Videos
  • Documents / images
  • Presentations
  • Zip files (for users to download)
  • SCORM files
For videos you can either upload them from your device or select a link from a streaming service. All content you upload will need to be saved. Use the Details option on the sub menu to rename the item and add in a short and long description (optional).
Uploading an image in documents
Remember no matter where you upload something, it will also go into the library which means you shouldn't need to upload the same thing twice.
Last modified 10mo ago