๐ŸงชLab values / Additional exam resources

Give your users a set of tables, images or any other additional information you want them to have on hand during an attempt, which they can easily access with a click of a button

Lab values are traditionally used in science / medical type questions however you can use this feature for a wider application using the rich text editor to upload or create anything that you want your users to access through out the exam. Users can then reference this crucial information to answer questions more effectively.

Enabling Lab Values:

  1. Access your admin account.

  2. Navigate to the quiz's experience page or the exam settings page.

  3. Locate the 'Lab Values' option and toggle it to 'Show.'

Adding Content:

  1. Once enabled, access the rich text editor.

  2. You can create tables or insert existing content relevant to your quiz or exam.

  3. Save your changes.

Lab Values is a game-changer for educators in fields where quick access to essential information is vital. Empower your students and elevate their learning experience with Synap's Lab Values today!

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