Overview of what question types and how to format them in the importer

Broadly there are 3 types of questions you can import on Synap

  • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) - User selects from a list of predefined options

  • Input Questions - User must type or record a response or upload a file as their response

  • Extended Matching Questions (EMQs) - Users are shown questions that are grouped together by a commonality (ie comprehension style questions). These can be a groups of mixed question types

MCQs and Input questions can both go on the same question sheet, whilst EMQs need to be uploaded separately. Use the tabs below to view some examples of how to format different questions in a CSV.

You do not need separate sheets for option select and user input questions types, the below format is for demonstration purposes only

For both categories of question type, the question and option A columns are required. The option select question types also require a second option and correct options. The Synap ID column is only required if you are updating existing questions, leave blank for new questions

MCQ types

  • Single correct

  • Multiple correct

  • Ranked

User input question types

  • Free text

  • File upload

  • Audio recording

There is also an informational question type where users do not select an option or input a response.

There is more information on what is required for each column in the below article


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