Courses and assignment use cases

This page will outline how to set up and manage courses and assignments for some common use cases

โฌ†๏ธ Upload document

In using the upload box item in your course you can task your users with uploading a specific file type and manually review it before allowing them to progress with their assignment.

  1. Open your course and select add item

  2. Choose the upload box item type

  3. Select the type of file you want your users to upload

  4. Click the cog icon in the top right hand corner of the item

  5. Select manual review (any users moderating the group taking the assignment will be notified by email when a file is ready for review)

    1. If you have selected image as your file type, you can allow webcam in the cog menu so users can simply use their webcam to take a picture of themselves / their id

  6. Save item

Synap can be used as a store of information as all uploaded files will be accessible via the assignment. Just click view on the assignment and then the View button on a user to see their progress and any files uploaded for that assignment. You can also download the files from here.

๐Ÿงพ Certified assignments

On completion of an assignment you can provide your users with a digital certificate. This is emailed out to them. All you need to do is enable certificates on the assignment.

You may also want to add a manual review for the assignment as a whole if you need to review file uploads that form part of the assignment completion. This means that a moderator will need to approve an assignment submission before it is completed. If you reject a submission the users will have the option to re-submit.

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