Synap Academy


Our approach to analytics with Fractal results
How do we give users valuable and easy to understand insights into their learning?
Trying to answer that question is a core driver of the platform. There have been millions of questions answered on Synap and we made the Fractal system so that users could cut through the noise and identify their weak areas straight away.
In order to use this system all of your question content will need to be tagged and faceted. Once in place users will be able to see their performance across:
  • Skills
  • Difficulties
  • Content types
  • Different quizzes
  • Exams
  • Modules
Fractal is system that groups questions from different tests together. It uses question tags that are given facets.
Tag : A label given to a question
Facet: The way to group similar tags together
Use facets to group tags together and allow students to breakdown those down tags across questions. In general the hierarchy goes:
  • Tests
  • Tags
  • Facets
  • Questions
Fractals produce some of the most complicated and unmistakable patterns in nature, from the shape of a galaxy to the pattern on a cauliflower. Despite their perceived complexity fractals are made up of very simple units, That follows a rule that governing a relationship to build up the patterns. For Synap we see individual questions as those simple units, that are grouped together by facets and tags to produce a set of data that each user can gain meaningful insights into their learning.
One of nature's fractal patterns on a Romanesco Cauliflower