Rosalyn Live Proctoring exam

Everything you need to know about setting up your first live proctored exam using Synap and Rosalyn

Rosalyns Live Proctored exams are ideal for very high-stakes assessment online. Candidates are recorded through their webcam and microphone, their screen is recorded, browser locked down, not able to have additional monitors and is watched by a human proctor who is altered to possible cheating behaviour by AI. Candidates must install a desktop application. Sessions are ranked in terms of level of cheating detected and available to review by you and your team

In order to set up a Rosalyn Live Proctored exam you'll need to follow all the normal steps for setting up an exam meaning you need:

  • โœ… A quiz or quizzes

  • โœ… A user group to set the exam to

AND you will need to have Rosalyn set up on your portal, if you've not done this already please see the steps here, or get in touch with support via the chat. Rosalyn exams are charged by the seat for more on Rosalyn exam pricing see the page below.

pageProctor Pricing

Making a Rosalyn exam

Once Rosalyn has been set up on your platform, and your user group and quiz is ready you can create your Rosalyn exam. Follow the normal exam set up (more on creating an exam below) and you'll get to the Advanced then the Proctoring page.

pageUnderstanding Exams on Synap

On the Proctoring page, enable proctoring and select Rosalyn

Then select the mode you want, which will be Live proctoring.

Once you have saved and finished all your other exam configurations, you can schedule your exam and each candidate will have a column to indicate proctoring is enabled.

To disable proctoring for any reason select a user and click the button on the control panel to disable proctoring. This will let the candidate sit the exam without Rosalyn enabled.

Important considerations

  1. User requirements

Users must download Rosalyn to their laptop or computer. Please go through the candidate Rosalyn guide in these help docs here. See our separate candidate guide here which can be shared with users with detailed requirements. And Rosalyns own help centre can be found here. Remember to do this users will need access to the right permissions and be on a suitable network.

  1. Human Proctors

The AI is used to flag suspicious behaviour to a human proctor, it is the human proctor that makes any final decisions. They will always prioritise getting a user through the exam, then providing you as the admin a comprehensive report so you can make the decision on whether or not to fail an exam based on cheating.

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