Tag manager

New tags will automatically be created and stored in the tag manager, or you can create tags first by going to Settings > Pages > Add Tag. From the tag manager you can find the tag ID and label. You'll need the label to add tags to a spreadsheet or to questions in the builder. This is also where you'll assign facets to different tags

๐Ÿ“‡ Labels

Capitals and spaces are accepted in tag label names. We recommend you keep the labels as short as possible so they display well on mixed screen sizes.

Tags are case sensitive so its important that when adding tags, that the same tag has the same capitalisation rules. For example, if some maths questions are tagged as 'Maths' and some as 'maths' then these will be two separate tags.

To make this process easier and more reliable we recommend creating the tags via the Tag manager rather than by quiz builder.

๐Ÿ‘€ Visibility

New tags are visible to students by default. However, you may want to have tags that aren't visible to students. Change the visibility of a tag via the tag manager and tag editor. Note that faceted tags must be visible to students

If a tag is faceted and you want to hide it from students, the facet must be removed first in order to update the visibility.

๐Ÿ“š Facets

From the tag manager you can assign different facets to different tags. Choose from the following :

  • Content : The content hierarchy looks like Exam>Module>Subject>Topic>Subtopic

  • Skill

  • Difficulty

Please see our facet best practices for more information and guidance on how to select facets for your tags. Use the chat on platform to talk to an account manager who will make suggestions about how to order and facet your content

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