Specific permissions

Learn how to configure specific content and user group access permissions on Synap

Specific permissions are ideal if you want to grant a user group access rights to restricted items. For example, if you want to enable this user group to mark only 3 specific exams, and not mark all the exams (global permissions are used for this).

Only admins or educator groups that have 'set permissions' enabled in a particular area above can enable and disable specific permissions.


  • To enable a specific permission, go to a particular item (e.g. 'Anatomy' exam). From the item's 'Access' page, add this user group to the permission you wish to enable. Enabled specific permissions will then appear in the table below.

  • To remove a specific permission, go to the item's 'Access' page, and remove this user group from the permission.

Where to set Specific permissions

  1. Navigate to a User group, library item, collection, course, assignment or exam that you would like to set specific permissions on.

  2. Using the menu on the left find the tab labelled 'Access'

  3. Under the specific permission type (view, edit, delete etc). Enter the name of the user group that you would like to give the specific action to.


Below is a walkthrough of how to set specific permissions on an educator group alongside the educators' view of those changes.

Use case examples

Edit access to one library item

Setting these permission on an item in the library while keeping global access turned off, means the users in this group can view and edit this single library item. This is good for very specific content creators.

Limiting access to an exam

On an exam, these permissions allow the users of the space educators group, to view, edit and schedule it. But they have no other permissions, they can't see any other exams, content or users associated with this exam (provided global permissions are disabled)

Managing a single group of students

These permissions are great for a group of educators managing a class of students. The educators with these permissions can view the group, their users, edit the group, add and remove new users and invite external users to the group as well as sent an email message to the group.

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