Importing new and existing users

How to use the importer to invite new and existing users and include custom attributes.

Use the invite option when you have a large amount of users to add to the platform that you want to gather information on during the registration process. For example, number of years they have worked for a company

๐Ÿ“ค Invite CSV

On the group go to Import users via the sub menu, select Invite (CSV). From here you'll get the option to download a CSV template. This template has been customised to include the required headers for any custom attributes you have set up. The only required fields are email and name.


Prepare your CSV for upload, make sure attributes are in the required format and emails in lower case.

Go to Settings>User attributes to view all existing attributes and defined options

Attribute typeExpected value on CSV



Long answer


Short answer


Multiple choice

One of defined options


defined options separated by commas


Any numerical value



When your CSV is ready, upload it to platform, check all the attributes have been picked up and start the import.

You can use the CSV importer to import existing users to a group

๐Ÿšจ When importing existing users be careful to include the correct attributes. If you import blank attributes on existing users this will override their attributes. Make sure you export the correct information from a group first.

Once users accept invites and set up their accounts they will move to the users table

Click on users to view their administration page, from here you can check their attributes and make changes.

See our User information guide for more about the information and data on users.

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