Adding custom marks & a mark scheme

How to add custom credits to questions, handy for long form questions and using on platform marking

By default all questions created on Synap will be worth 1 credit, this credit is achieved when a use answers a question correctly. Credits are used to calculate score.

โœ๏ธ Credits on the question editor

Go to a quiz, then questions using the sub menu. Select the question you want to edit and go to Advanced options.

From here you can add in the number of credits the question is worth. If you leave it blank it will default to the default number of credits (points) set at the quiz level (Configure>advanced> credits)

Mark schemes

When custom credits are enabled you can also create mark schemes for each question.

Create different areas and assign Max credits to those areas. If you are making lots of questions with the same mark scheme use the Clone question button to copy the mark scheme and questions. - Only questions in an exam can be marked with a mark scheme.

๐Ÿ— Credits in the importer

Bulk assign credits to questions on a Spreadsheet and import them. Use the Credits column in the CSV template

Download the Synap question template


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