Using the Attempts - Marking page

Using the attempts - marking page

โ“What is it?

The Attempts - marking page is where you and your moderators can go to find all exam attempts which require marking. It is especially helpful if you have a group or groups of educators whose job it is to mark attempts.

It looks similar to the attempts page but has a few key differences to make it easier to use for marking

  • You can click on the exam id for an attempt to be taken straight to the users page for that attempts exam, filtered to that attempt. From there you just need to select the attempts check box and click on the pencil icon for marking, tick icon for finalising or rss / wifi icon for releasing

  • If an exam has Synoptic proctoring enabled then you will be able to jump straight to the review page for that attempt by clicking on the status pill

  • Marking events are tracked here, there are columns for when an attempt has been finalised and released as well as who performed those actions. Combining this information with the export to CSV functionality on this page allows you to create reports on marker activity

You will need to enable to Attempts - marking page via the settings page

pageUser Access

๐Ÿ“‚Filters and sorting

The attempts on this page are pre-filtered so that only completed attempts are displayed. The origin of the attempts is also fixed to exams to exclude attempts taken via a collection or assignment. You can further filter the attempts shown using the drop downs in the 'Attempts filter' modal.

  • User group - select the group of users you wish to view attempts for. Admins will be able to see all groups, Educators will only be able to see groups they are moderating.

  • Origin - The first origin level (exams) is locked but you can select the specific exam you want to filter to using the drop down to the right. Only exams set to the user group you have selected will display

  • Marking status - Filter to attempts in a particular marking state

  • Proctor status - Filter to attempts in a particular proctor state

  • Date - Filter to attempts within a given date range of the attempt being created, started or completed

  • Sort - Sort the attempts title, score, time started or time completed. The second level of sorting will appear after selection one of these allowing you to choose whether it is ascending or descending

  • Assigned to - You can assign specific attempts within an exam to a member of the user group which moderates the group the exam is set to. A moderator viewing the attempts - marking page will then have the option to filter the attempts to those assigned to them only

Remember to select 'Search' after choosing your filters to update the displayed list

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