The Library is where all of your learning materials are stored. Synap supports a huge range of materials including tests, text, videos, presentations and SCORM. 

When viewing the library, you will see presented with 4 boxes, these are described below:

  • Tests: Multiple Choice Quizzes (MCQs) which you can use to objectively assess your staff. Tests can have any number of options, and support feedback, references and images attached to each question. 
  • Notes: Text content you would like your staff to read and review. Notes can be made in a WYSIWYG (Word-like) editor, and also support basic HTML components such as images, tables and bullet points.
  • Contents: Files you would like to upload to Synap and display as part of a course. For example, presentations (Powerpoint), PDFs, Videos (hosted on YouTube, Vimeo or uploaded) and SCORM files. Please note: You cannot currently upload your own SCORM files directly. Please contact Charlotte ( for now if you would like to add a SCORM file to your library. 
  • Packages: These are essentially very large collections of MCQs, suitable for organisations delivering most or all of their training in that format. As such, they are typically used in specific training areas such as exams. You cannot currently create your own packages, please get in touch if you would like to learn more about them. Note: Most organisations do not need packages, if you would like to assess your staff with questions, use Tests instead. 

And finally, we have Courses - these are the actual things you will send to your staff to complete. Courses are composed of Tests, Notes and Contents to crate a complete learning package. 

To get started with Synap, first add the relevant content (tests, notes, contents), and then create a Course using those components. 

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