Spaced Repetition is a simple but highly effective method of learning that has been designed around how the brain actually works, in order to lead to long-term retention of knowledge. 

Basically Spaced Repetition is the approach to learning of:  little but often

Spaced Repetition isn't a new idea it was first described in the 1800's by German psychologist, Hermann Ebbinghaus. He stated that learning should be spaced out and repeated to mitigate the effects of forgetting. The forgetting curve shows the effects that time has on learning something new. 

On day one if you learn something new for the next few hours you may have perfect recall (retention) of that information but by day 7 there is a very good chance that you have forgotten all of it again. The solution to this is to have fewer gaps in the time that you review the material. The Synap system does this by creating personalised quizzes to jog your memory of what you have learned at specific intervals.

Activating Spaced Repetition on the portal for an assignment and selecting and appropriate test for an assessment and pass park means that the algorithms in the back ground will create a personalised learning plan and send users reminders.
Users can see what questions are in their Spaced Rep study 


From here users can take the tailored quiz any time an change the intensity at which they study, and the notifications they get in the spaced learning box by clicking the little cog in the corner.

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