So you've made your account, the portal has loaded but you see on the home screen that you're studying 0 questions, don't panic you just need to head to collections first to add the questions into your study. 


Study = On Synap when we say 'Study' we are referring to the topics of questions you have opted to study. Your study lets you track your progress with questions from 'Unseen' to 'Weak' all the way through to 'Mastered'. Spaced Learning also takes questions in your study to create you a tailored quiz based on your strengths and weaknesses 

Collection = The group of Topics that contains questions, on Synap the LPC is a Collection as is the BPTC.

Topic = The group of questions for example on the LPC, PCR 1 is a topic and Wills and Administration of the Estate is a separate topic

How do I find my collections?

Collections can be found using the left hand menu. 

How do I add Topics into my Study? 

Use the little gradation cap symbol that is in the top right hand corner of the topics

Overview of how to add questions to your study 

Note: If for any reason you don't have anything in your collections get in touch with with us using the little chat widget in the bottom right hand corner and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible to resolve it for you 

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