Creating quizzes is a major part of Synap, and whilst it takes more effort to create a quiz than it does to practice a quiz, it's an incredibly valuable process to go through, as it forces you to focus on the information you're studying, and brings any underlying gaps in your understanding to the surface. As such, we highly recommend creating at least a couple of your own quizzes. 

Fortunately, we make the process as easy as possible on Synap. The first step is to press 'Create Quiz' in the top right hand corner of the site - or press the '+' button if you're using our mobile app

You'll now be prompted to enter a name for your quiz - this is completely up to you but we'd recommend something reasonably descriptive so that you (or other people) can find it easily in the future. 

You'll then be taken to the main Create Quiz page, where you can fill in extra details for your quiz such as:

  • Description: A few sentences that explain what your quiz is about. This is optional but recommended, especially if you are making your quiz public to other people. A good description will make it much easier for people to find your quiz. 
  • Visibility: You can make your quiz public, in which case other Synap users will be able to practice it too, or private in which case only you or specific people you share it with will be able to practice it. You can make a private quiz public at any time, which can be helpful if you are still working on a quiz and don't want to make it public until it's completely finished. 
  • Tags: Like a description, tags are optional but recommended to help people find your quizzes in future. 

Once you've filled in these details, you can add questions to your quiz! Synap uses the Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) format, but within this you have a lot of flexibility in how your question is set up. For example, you can have multiple or just one correct answer. You can add as many different options as you like, and you can add images or code snippets to your questions and answers. Finally, you can add feedback and 'further reading' links to your questions, which can be invaluable for people practicing your quizzes. 

Add as many questions to your quiz as you like - in our experience, we find that 15-25 questions is ideal, and when you're done you can save and publish your quiz. 

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