By default, packages you purchase from the Synap Store can be accessed as quizzes divided into different Chapters. 

If, however, you want to practice in a different order than the chapters given, you can use our unique Quiz Generator to select specific topics from the packages you've purchased. This is handy if you're looking to break up your revision into different topics, or if the modules you're studying follow a different order to the packages in our store. 

NOTE: At present, the Quiz Generator only works with packages purchased from the Synap Store. We hope to extend this to user-generated quizzes in the future. 

The Quiz Generator can be accessed by clicking 'Generate a New Quiz' from your Library page. Once you're on the page, select a package from the list given, and then you can choose any number of chapters to include in your new quiz. 

You can choose chapters from different packages just by navigating back and forth through them. Once you're done, press 'Set Quiz Details' and you'll be asked a few final things such as how many questions you want to include, and what tags you want to put on your generated quiz. 

If you are a member of a Study Group, you can add your quiz to it so that other people in your year can benefit!

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