Courses on Synap are used to deliver learning in a linear fashion to your users and when your admins need to see learner progress and have data on item completion. Courses offer the most structured way of learning on Synap. Add quizzes, videos, presentations, documents, SCORM files, audio, surveys and embed content on through the course builder to create rich varied courses on Synap. All content that you upload to Synap will be stored in your library for future courses.

Step 1 : Setting up a course.

Use the left hand navigation menu to go to the courses page then click the 'create course' button

On the create course page you'll need:

Title = name of your course users will see

Short description = description of what the course is, will be shown before someone starts / has decided to start a course

Long description = for users who have just started the course

Image = ideal size is 490 px by 300 px

Once you're happy save your changes.

Step 2: Adding items

Go to your items tab on the course navigation menu, then 'Add item' button

You can add content that has already been uploaded to you library or external content from your device or an external link

Content types:

  • documents

  • videos (mp4, vimeo or youtube links)

  • audio files

  • presentations

  • embeded content (Sharing permissions need to be on, Google, OneDrive, office 360 links)

  • quiz (build on platform or upload via CSV)

  • notes (HTML build on platform)

  • survey (build on platform)

  • SCORM Files

  • Upload boxes (for learners to upload documents or photos)

  • Text entry (User text input options)

Add in as many items as you want to a course and save your progress along the way

Step 3: Organising your course

Use folders to add collapsable sections to courses to make it easy for your learners to navigate the content. Use the organise button to go into course structure mode and drag and drop to reorganise


Step 4: Pass mark

Add a pass mark to a quiz item on your course if you want to add an assessment criteria. A pass mark on a quiz item means that a user will not be able to progress on to the next item unless they hit that score on the quiz. ( If the quiz is at the end of a course they will not be able to complete it until they pass the quiz)

Click the quiz item within the course builder, then click the settings cog in the right hand corner of the item.

Now enable a pass mark as a percentage of the questions answered correctly in the quiz, and click update. Save changes to your course to finish

When your course is complete, save your changes, navigate away from the builder page and you'll find your course on the the courses page. Search for your course by title in the search box.

Courses on Synap are the most structured form of learning offered on the platform they should be used when it is important to track:

  • Progress

  • Viewed items

  • Learning over time

  • Time spent on course

  • Engagement

  • Assessments

Once a course is assigned it is 'immutable' which means that changing the course in anyway will not change it for the users who have already had it assigned to them. If you're looking for a more flexible approach where your users can dip in and out of content and choose what order they interact with content then Synap 'Collections' may be the better approach.

Courses from a students point of view

Once you've finished creating your course you may want to assign it to a group that you're in so you can try it out for yourself. To learn more about assigning courses check out our article on Assignments

If you're logged in as an admin you'll need to flick over to 'study mode' to view as a student

Start the assignment to see what your course looks like. If you've added folders they will be collapsable to show or hid ethe course items within that folder

See the video below for a full student view experience

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