Log In Issues

The first thing to check here is whether the users are logging in for the first time or whether they have been able to log in previously and now can't.

If your users aren't receiving their initial login invites then it's usually one of two issues. The first is that their email is wrong. There are plenty of sites that will check if an email is valid, for example https://email-checker.net/. If their email is correct then the invite email may be in their spam/junk folders so have them check in there and change their settings to allow future emails from Synap into their main inbox.

If they have been able to get in before but now can't then make sure they are visiting the correct web page. If their password or login isn't working then it could be something as simple as them having caps lock on or typing their email incorrectly.

Access Issues

Information to Establish

The more information you can find out from the user the easier the issues will be to fix. Firstly find out exactly what they want to access. For example if a student says they can't access some questions, find out exactly what set of questions they want to access. Or if an educator wants to find out how a particular group of students has done on an assignment, find out which group and which assignment.

The next thing to find out is at exactly what stage they're getting stuck at and what they see when they get stuck. Ideally get them to send you a screenshot of the page where they get stuck. If they can't send a screenshot for any reason, find out the last page they could access or what they can see on the current page.

How to Fix

In a lot of cases users may just be looking in the wrong part of the platform (for example in Collections instead of Assignments). If you have the screenshot you can easily see if they're looking in the wrong place.

Another common issue is users being in the wrong group. So for students you can jump into the group they are supposed to be and check their name is there.

For Educators you need to make sure they are assigned to the right group. Firstly check they are in the correct Educator group. Secondly go to the Student group they should be able access the results for and click the pencil icon in the top right-hand corner.

Once you've opened this you will see which group is moderating the Student group.

Content not Loading

Some users may have issues with certain content (like videos) not loading correctly. Generally this is to do with their browser or internet connection. Google Chrome tends to be the best browser to use, Internet Explorer (especially older versions) can often cause problems so if they are using IE see if they can try a different browser.

If they're internet connection is poor then content may not load, see if they can try to load a video from somewhere else (for example YouTube) and if that doesn't work then it is likely to be an issue with their provider. If your content is hosted on YouTube or Vimeo, double check that the original video hasn't been removed

Other Questions

Hopefully your users’ experience using the Synap platform will be trouble free. If there are any issues outside of the ones above, you may be able to find the answers you’re looking for in our Help Centre.

If you can't find the answer there then feel free to contact your account manager. If possible, please take some screenshots of the problem and let us know exactly how we can recreate the issue for ourselves: the more information you can give them the quicker they will be able to solve it for you.r they will be able to solve the issue.

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