How to Find Your Users Information

Your users' Synap information can be accessed via the hyperlink of their name in their user group. To access the User Group your user is in, click the person icon in the left-hand menu then 'View' on the 'Student' group. If you know the group your user is in, click 'View' on that group. You can use the search box in the top right-hand corner to look up your user through their email or name. Once you've found the user you want, click on their name highlighted in blue. This will open their profile in a new browser window:

The new browser window that opens will look like this:


The overview (screenshot above) will show you when and how often users have engaged with the platform in a graph and in more detail in the list below


The Assignments item will show you what Assignments the user has been assigned and their progress on them:

If you click the 'View' button you will be able to see a more detailed view of the users progress. This is where you can leave comments for users, set items for internal review and approve manual reviews. You can find more information on these functions here - Comments, Internal Reviews and Manual Reviews


Here you can see the users scores on tests they have done in both Collections and Assignments. Again you can see more detail on these tests and the users responses to the questions. Just click on 'View Result', circles in blue below:

User Groups

Here you can see which user groups the user is a part of as well as adding/removing them from groups. You cannot remove users from their user type group, in this the Students user group, so the 'Remove From User Group' button is greyed out:

If you click the 'Add to user group' button, a drop down menu will appear where you can search for the desired user group. Once the group appears, select it and click 'Add'. You will then see the new user group in the list:


The Collections item will show you which Collections the user has access to. You can go directly to the Collection by clicking on the grey, right arrow (circled in blue below):


Here you can see the users name and email as well as resetting their password. You can add other fields in here using the Data Collection section of the Settings menu (accessed via the cog icon in the left-hand menu). These can be things like year group, campus etc:

If you need to reset the password, just click 'Reset'. You will be given a prompt to confirm that you definitely want to reset, click 'Confirm' continue. The new password will appear in a new text box marked 'Password'. You can then copy this into an email to the user. If you refresh the page the new password will disappear and the password 'Reset' button will reappear:

You can find more help articles here -

If you have any further questions please contact our support team via the blue chat widget in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

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