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Exam settings

More details about the exam settings and configuration options
Fully customise the student exam experience with settings. We recommend you run a test exam internally before setting live exams. Once you have a test run, you can always clone the exam.

⚙️ Settings

Timed exam : The exam has a timer, when the timer runs out the exam is ended. Results at the end unless deferred. Set time on the timer below.
Exam: The exam has no timer and candidates won't be kicked out. Results at the end unless deferred
Practice mode: No time, candidates told whether they answered the question correctly after each question, feedback given instantly. Results cannot be deferred
Timer : If the exam is a Timed Exam then the timer is the duration of the exam once a student has started.
Security: Enable enhanced security measures on all questions, by disabling copying and disabling pasting, of questions and answers.
🧠 Note: Exams generated from one quiz that contains timed sections (Static) will have its timer inferred from the source quiz. Stating a time that is different from the sum of timed sections will have no impact as it is ignored in the exam config. If you wish to change the exams timer you must do this at the quizzes section.
Calculator: Show or hide Synap's default on screen calculator or enable the scientific calculator.
Flagging: Flagging lets students flag potential issues with questions during an exam, this can be hidden from students.
Shuffle questions: Changing the order of questions in an exam. Questions cannot be shuffled in quizzes that have sections
Defer results: Do you want results to be shown immediately after an exam? Or hidden and visible to only admins. If results are deferred students see a green tick and confirmation of completion after an exam. If selected none of the other results page options will display. You can add in a custom message if results are being deferred.