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Enabling automated resits on exams when a pass grade isn't achieved
On an exam that has grades set up, resit rules can be enabled to allow more attempts until that user passes. Resits cannot be set up without grades.
Navigate to resits via the exams submenu, and enable Allow resits.
Resit configuration
Allow participants: set the number of resits you will allow users to take to achieve a pass (whole number values only)
Resit open: When a candidate should be able to resit after failing an attempt - Immediately: As soon as they fail they can resit again - After delay: Specific time in, minutes, hours, days as to when a resit will re open for a user
Resit close: Once the resit is available to a user, specify how long they should have to start this attempt. Note this is not the duration of the exam
Users will be notified about resits if emails are enabled, on the exams table and within the exam hall.
Resit view to student
🧠 Note: If automated exam emails aren't enabled, users won't be sent a resit email. We don't recommend you use the resit system if you are running proctored exams