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Progress & marking

Guide to viewing and managing an exam groups progress during the exam, finding historical attempts on exams, exporting results and marking on platform
When an exam opens and users start to take it you can keep track of this progress from the users exam table by going to Exams and Users via manage on the exam sub menu.
Using the users table on an exam

🚦 Status

For exam day management you'll want to keep track of the status of the exams. The users exam table will group status. You can access a students exam hall link at any time using the Exam link column.
  • Enrolled = User has an exam generated but they haven't started yet
  • In progress = User has started the attempt (See Start-Complete column for times)
  • Submitted = User has submitted their exam attempt
  • Expired = User did not attempt to start the exam, the window has now closed
  • Revoked = This attempt is revoked and users cannot start it. If the attempt was revoked whilst in progress then users will no longer be able to continue
Different exam status's
An exam can also be locked which means a user cannot start until an admin or educator unlocks it for them
Locked exam attempt

✅ Marks

Mark questions on Synap using the on platform marker. You can only do this for free text and upload question types, all multiple choice questions are marked automatically. See our help guide on credits to learn more
  • Unmarked - Attempt has been completed and is ready to be marked
  • In progress - Attempt is being marked / marking has been started
  • Completed - All questions in the attempt have been given marks, other admins and educators can make edits to these marks
  • Finalised - All questions in the attempt have been given marks, and it has been finalised. No more changes to marks at this point
  • Released - Marks have been released to students
Video guide to marking an attempt
See our guide on marking for more information on how to mark questions on platform

Exam Controls & Actions

Manage users in the exam with some of the exam control options.
Mark, finalise, release, send email, adjust time, generate attempt, revoke buttons
See below for the exam / attempt state and the valid action that can be performed on that state. Actions can be performed on an single attempt or multiple by selecting more.
Exam status states
Valid actions on state
Revoke, Adjust Time, Send email
Revoke, Adjust Time
In progress
Send email, Generate attempt
Mark attempt, email
Send email, Revoke

Generate attempt & notify

Extra time & notify

Give users extra time on their exam papers or modify the close window for them

Performing bulk actions on attempts

Bulk will work as long as all attempts are in a valid state for that action

⤵️ Exporting Results

On platform exporting results using the Attempts table (recommended)
For more additional analysis go to and login with your admin credentials.
From you can customise export parameters and export exam attempts to PDFs if you want them to be marked externally.
Export Options

Export Options

Export Option
Response breakdown by Score
Exports attempts on all questions and users score on each question (1 for correct, 0 for incorrect)
Response breakdown by Options
Exports attempts on all questions and which answer option users selected as well as what the correct option should have been (note for randomised answer options exports will be adjusted to match the order questions options were created in)
User data Complete
Exports include all user information and custom attributes
User data Standard
Exports include user ID, name and email
User data Basic
Export include just user IDs and email
User data Pseudonymised
Exports are just initials of name and user ID
Attempt Breakdown
Export by attempts (users may have done multiple attempts) Can include completed only
Question Breakdown
Additional export shows the groups performance by question - see what percentage of users answered each question correctly (helpful for post exam moderation)
Individual attempt PDFs
Export each users attempt as a PDF file