Synap Academy

Example: Product purchased workflow

We have detailed a few use cases to aid in understanding the different ways you can use Zapier with Synap

Product purchased (external store: Shopify e.t.c)

If a customer purchases a course from your Shopify store, you would most likely want them to be added to the Synap platform with access to the content they have just purchased.
The steps to achieve this would be:
  • Trigger: New order in Shopify
  • Action: Create user in Synap
  • Action: Add user to user group (this would be the user group that has access to the content they have just purchased
  • Action: Send email (this can be a welcome email with their login credentials e.t.c)

Diagnostics test

You may want to give users access to certain content upon completion of an exam, in this instance the steps would look like this:
  • Trigger: Completed Exam in Synap
  • Action: Filter - Only continue if (we use this to filter out other exams that may be running at the same time, we can filter by a variety of data from the initial completed exam step)
  • Action: Add user to user group in Synap