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Marking an attempt

Using the marking page to input comments and feedback, as well as awarding marks normally and in a mark scheme.
🧠 Only responses submitted in an exam can be marked.
  • Results release must be set to Automatically when possible or Always manually
  • Only free text or upload question types areeligiblee for marking
  • Mark schemes and custom credit values must be set on the question via the source quiz
Video walkthrough for admins
In an exam that meets all the criteria above, navigate to the user table. Select the attempt you wish to mark. There are several marking states an attempt can be in:
Attempt has been submitted, is ready for marking and has had no questions marked yet
In progress
Attempt has had some marks inputted, but has not been set as completed
Attempt has been marked, and a marker has manually set this attempt's marks to completed - changes to marks can still be made if Marks is in this state
Marks on this attempt have now been finalised by a marker, no further changes can be made - the student is not yet aware of their marks
A marker has released the marks for the attempt to the student & they have been notified
See the image below for how to start marking an attempt. You can only mark one attempt at a time but you can bulk complete, finalise and release results using the select all checkbox in the top left of the user table.

✍️ Selecting an attempt to mark

Once a student has submitted their exam attempt, it becomes ready to be marked. All attempts ready to be marked will show a status of Submitted and marks as Unmarked.
Select the attempt you want to mark, and use the pencil icon on the right hand side to open the marking modal.
Selecting an attempt to mark

✅ Marking modal

From the marking modal, you'll see questions eligible for marking noted with a blue dot. From here markers can award credits, and leave feedback comments for users to view in the question feedback.
The feedback box contains a rich text editor, so you can leave links, photos, tables, lists and even videos as feedback for candidates

Using a mark scheme

Using a mark scheme works essentially the same way except marks are inputted separately into the different awarding areas. See our mark scheme docs for more on creation

🛫 Releasing results

Once all questions have been given marks the status will move to Completed. When you're ready you can select these results to finalise, using the checkbox and and tick icon. You can use the tick boxes to select multiple or all attempts.
Marks about to be finalised
Once marks are finalised no further changes can be made. The final step is to select all the finalised attempts you want to release and use the release results button. This will give students access to their results, feedback and anything else on the results page.
Marks about to be released

👩‍🎓 What students see

Students get a detailed view of each question from their exam attempts question page. Where a mark scheme has been used or comments left, they can see exactly what marks (points) they achieved
student viewing questions with marks and feedback

How do Educators mark an attempt

Educators can mark attempts in basically the same way as admins, they have all the same controls and options. The only difference how they find the attempts to mark. Educators must first find the user group, then the exam, then users table from there
Educators marking:
  • Go to users
  • Select the group that sat the exam
  • Go to exams from the group sub menu
  • Select the exam
  • Go to the users table
  • Select attempt to mark
See the video guide below and share it with your educators on how to mark
Educator marking video guide