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Dynamic exams

Generate exams dynamically from banks of questions. Use tags and AND OR operators to set up the exam generation rules
Before you create dynamic exams consider the following:
  • Tags need to be set up properly on all questions
  • Questions being used in dynamic exams should not be deleted while exams are running
In the exam builder question page add in the quiz / quizzes the exam will be pulling questions from. Select Dynamic as the generation method.
Example of generation rules for an exam
Once an exam length has been set, tag filters need to be set up to match the number of questions stated. Dynamic filters will fail validation if too many or too few questions are used.


Use the AND operator to select questions that must contain 2 or more of the selected tags. Be careful to pick the right number of questions otherwise selection will fail validation


Use the OR operator to select questions that contain one or the other/s of a selected tag.


When you've set up the tag generation rules use the validate button in the top right to check your rules make sense. When something does fail validation you'll get an error message with guidance on how to resolve.
Once validated you can move onto the remaining steps for setting up your exam

🧨 Dynamic Sections

Enable sections on a dynamic exam to create strict sections in your exam with different tag rules. Each candidate will get the sections in the same order, but different questions based on the rules in each section
🧠 Sections contain questions, users navigate freely between questions in that section. But they cannot go back to a section once it has been submitted.
Once enabled the section builder will appear, where you can create the section specific tag rules using the same AND OR operators.
You can also add in section specific instructions and timers from here.
Once you've created and validated the sections you can carry on and set the rest of the exam and schedule
🧠 If you have the same tag in different sections, the same question will not be used twice.
Video walkthrough for creating dynamic exams