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Attempts Exports

How to export attempts data from Synap
Synap provides a few different ways for viewing, filtering and exporting user attempt data. This lets you create reports away from the platform. Use the attempts table and filters to create your exports and save them to reports
Attempts table and filters via the main menu attempts page

Finding the attempts table

The attempts table can be found on on the following places on Synap:
User Groups
Navigate to any user group and use the submenu to select 'Attempts' to access the user group specific attempts table and filters. By going to the attempts table this way, all attempt information is limited to just this user group and specifically the attempts those users have access to because they are in that group. This means that if users are in multiple groups and have access to different questions their responses won't be included in exports from here
Navigate to Exams then select the exam you want to export data from then use the sub menu to select Attempts. From this attempts table the User group, Origin and Exam are locked. You can select the specific date, status and sorting options
The attempts table works the same way no matter where you access it from, the only thing that changes is what group or content is selected. See the short video below for a walk through of how to export attempts for a specific user group for a specific collection.
Attempts table and filters
The Attempts will be limited to ones Users have accessed via the Group you are looking at. For example, Exams set to that group. If a User is set an Exam as part of a different Group, Attempts on that Exam will not display in the group you are looking at

Attempt Filters

There are a number of different filters you can use to narrow down the Attempts you export data for:
Origin - Where the User has taken the test
  • Collection - Use this to export the Attempt data for all tests within a Collection
  • Exam - Use this to export the Attempt data from a particular Exam
  • Collection item - Use this to export the Attempt data for a specific Collection Item
  • Assignment - Use this to export the Attempt data for all tests in an Assignment
Date - The date range in which to look for attempts
  • Completed at - When the user completed the attempt
  • Started at - When the user started the attempt
  • Created at - When the attempt was created. For Collections and Assignments this will be the same as the 'Started at' date but for Exams it will be when the Exam was Scheduled (if the User was in the Group at the time) or when they were added to the Group (if after the Exam was Scheduled)
Status - the state the attempt is in
  • Completed - Includes attempts that may not have been marked yet
  • Not Started
  • In Progress
  • Revoked - Only applicable on Exams
Sorting - The order in which the attempts will be listed and exported
  • Title - of the source test (this may be different from the Exam or Collection Item title). This will be most relevant when exporting data from Collections or Assignments as Collection Item and Exam will only have one test
  • Test ID - of the source test (this may be different from the Exam or Collection Item ID). This will be most relevant when exporting data from Collections or Assignments as Collection Item and Exam will only have one test
  • Attempt ID - This is the unique alphanumeric code used by the database to identify specific attempts. This sorting metric would be useful if you want to randomise the order of Attempts
  • Score - Each User's overall score on the Attempt
  • Time Started - When each user started their Attempt

Viewing the Attempt Data

Once you have defined the parameters for your search you have two options. The first is to view the data on platform. To do this hit Search, this will bring up a table of Attempts matching your search criteria in the order you specified.
Viewing the Attempt data on platform. Link to view individual Attempt Results page highlighted
🧠 You can click on the highlighted and underlined Attempt ID to view the Results Page for that Attempt
You can easily export this to a CSV which will be emailed to your admin account.
Export options
Exports can be broken down by:
  • None = no question breakdown given, over all score and grades shown
  • Score = the points scored on each question, on standard single best answer questions:
    • 1 = correct
    • 0 = incorrect
    • - = skipped
  • Question = answer options that was selected on each attempt for each question, skipped questions shown as '-'
Watch the video below for a walk through using the attempts filter and export function

Saving reports

Choose the Reports option to create a downloadable link on the Reports sub menu item (just below the Attempts sub menu item) or the Email option which will have the csv emailed to you.
The Reports option is good to use if you want to make the data available to other Admins and Educators on the platform as it will be visible when they visit the Reports page.
The Reports page
The email option will send the csv export to the email you are logged in with at the time. You can check this by clicking Profile > Account in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen
Finally you will need to pick whether to have the csv show the options Users chose for each question or the score they received for each question.